Precision Machine Work & Custom Engines

We machine most gasoline and light-duty diesel engines inline 4,6 and v6,v8 configurations 1960 and newer. We no longer service any 2 or 4-stroke small engines such as ATVs, motorcycles, jet-ski, etc.

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Cylinder Head Service

We adapt to new technology needed for today’s cylinder heads, including aluminum head repair. We check cast and aluminum heads before and after repair. We give new heads the smooth finish required by manufacturers.

Racing Engine Repair

We specialize in high-performance engines.

Custom Machining

West Performance is a CNC equipped engine rebuilding facility. We are a full-service automotive machine shop with the latest machining capabilities including CNC. Our engines are built to blueprint specifications while holding performance engine tolerances and utilizing only the best components.


The crankshaft is the foundation of a long-lasting engine. Crankshafts are cleaned and then shot-peened prior to any machine work. Crankshaft journals and fillet radius are ground within the manufacturer’s specifications and micro-polished.

Engine Balancing

It is important to balance your engine when using after-market components, such as cranks, rods, or pistons.

Block Operations

We clean, visually inspect, and magnaflux/pressure test them before performing any machine work. Blocks are then machined accordingly by boring, decking, torque plate honing and align hone/align bore.

Connecting Rod Operations

Using our Sunnen connecting rod hone we can resize your existing rods, replace bronze wrist pin bushings and install new bolts.

Environmental Standards

To adhere to environmental laws for engine repair, we must include a service charge of 3% of our labor costs for waste management services. This pays for the disposal of hazardous waste generated from cleaning and machining processes in our shop. It also contributes to the purchase of more efficient equipment that helps reduce the amount of waste generated.